Meet the team of contributing authors for North of Here. Offering specialist advice, tips and guidance.

Chloe McLeod – Dietitian

chloemcleodChloe is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and Health Coach who loves motivating her clients to make health changes to be the best they can be.

Chloe specialises in nutrition for arthritis and inflammatory joint disease, irritable bowel syndrome and food intolerance, and sports nutrition. She also greatly enjoys working with people for weight management, inflammatory bowel disease, cholesterol, diabetes and eating disorders.

Chloe loves writing and creating recipes, having created a program to help people with IBS manage their health more effectively, called ‘The FODMAP Challenge’. She is also the lead author for the cookbook ‘Anti-Inflammatory Eating’.


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Nicole Williams – Communications professional

Nicole-Williams.jpgNicole Williams is a communications and media professional from Melbourne. She has experience working as a journalist and in corporate communications.

She avoided sport and fitness most of her life, instead focusing on dance classes until she hit her mid-20s and it all became a bit too difficult to juggle dancing and work. So Nicole’s fitness journey hit a bit of a rut but on a whim in 2014, she signed up for a 12-week weight loss and fitness program and hasn’t looked back!

After a lifetime of avoiding running at all costs, Nicole has discovered a passion for pounding the pavement and these days, she laces up the runners at every opportunity – she even has a few triathlons under the belt.

She has changed her perspective on health and fitness and now enjoys running, cycling, triathlon, the odd-swim, yoga, boxing and is happy to give any fitness class a go at least once!

Nicole has the perspective of an ‘every day’ woman trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

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